How To Make Money with Youtube Videos TODAY?

How many times a day do you visit YouTube to see a new, funny video? How about your friends and colleagues, any idea how many times they clicked play on the same video or some similar links? Now, ask yourself, what if all those clicks were worth money?

There are 2 ways to make money from your youtube videos. The first is to promote affiliate offers or Amazon products and the second one is to allow ads on your videos.

How to promote affiliate offers in your youtube videos?

Watch the video below to learn the system I use to rank youtube videos in youtube and google.

You can get the rest of the blueprint on my site

How to make money from your youtube videos by monetizing with ads?

hqdefaultMonetization of your YouTube videos is possible and is already a great way to make extra money. YouTube celebrities like Pew DiePie and Bethany Mota have millions of celebrities and make real profits every time their followers go to their channel and click on their videos. These two and so many more have discovered how to rank videos on YouTube so that they get millions of views.Here’s how

They’ve taken advantage of what the users are looking for; mostly how-to videos or tutorials, review videos and fun videos that help them waste time. Their videos are their full-time job and they get to spend their days having fun and filming the process.

So, how do we make our videos profitable? Well, you have to allow ads on your video. Also, you have to post unique content that you have all the rights to use. This will keep you from any unfortunate prosecution from anyone else online and help out companies that want to advertise online. Your video will become a space for them to show a short ad at some point in your video.

You can allow for ads with a few short changes to your account. Go to your video manager screen and click on monetization. Not all countries have access to this option, so check first and make sure you can alter this setting. You will also get to pick what kinds of ads will appear on your video. It can be an Overlay Ad, which will go directly on top of your content, a Display Ad, which will show to the side or a Skippable Ad which will let users skip the majority of the commercial. You can choose as many of these as you like or all of them and then just save your settings.

Now you have to make sure that people actually come to your YouTube channel. Remember, the competition is fierce. You want to have a good YouTube SEO for your videos so that users find them easily. First, remember to use key words. One way you can check how well your word-choice works is by taking advantage of the auto complete feature on a search engine. Type in the first part of your title and see what common searches appear, then use one of those to title your video.

Another way to keep ranking videos in Google is by making sure they have good descriptions to go with them. Write two to three concise, descriptive sentences that will help search engines find you and direct users to you right away.

Finally, stick to two-minute videos and share, share, share. Invite friends and family to see your first few videos and leave comments. A shorter video with a lot of feedback will be more likely to come up in search engines and help get your channel going. Keep posting fun content and keep making money with your new, profitable online venture.


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